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What is eXp Realty?

eXp Realty is the first “Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage.”

Who started eXp?

eXp Realty was founded by Glenn Sanford. Glenn held important roles at Internet start-ups before launching a real estate career in 2002.  He ran a top team at Keller Williams Realty before founding the first cloud-based real estate brokerage.  Glenn believes that agents and brokers do the heavy lifting in real estate and deserve benefits of being a shareholder and income based on the level of their contribution.

When was it started?

eXp Realty was incorporated in 2009.

What does “Agent-Owned” mean?

eXp Realty is agent-owned meaning that agents acquire stock in the company and have a vested ownership in the brokerage. There are 5 ways that agents can acquire stock, from simply purchasing it to achieving certain performance benchmarks.

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eXp Realty is the first “Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage”

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Why Some Many Agents Are Switching

eXp Realty specializes in a an “agent-focused” environment

Their corporate office dedicated their efforts to improving systems and processes to create better real estate professionals.

eXp Realty features rich technology that’s highly efficient

Get engrained in the virtual eXp World and get help from, tech support, sit in a class from home, meet other agents around the world and so much more.

Expand your real estate business and build a team

eXp’s model to build a team is like no other. Now you can bring on someone from a complete different state or country without the liability or compliance and still receive profit from their production.

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